Charcoal Face Wash (100g)



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It's not only natural but also a nutrient skincare product.

Aloe Charcoal Facewash keeps the face radiant.

It also keeps the skin free from toxins and impurities.

Keep The Skin Healthy And Glowing With Aloe Charcoal Facewash.

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    HOW TO USE - Wash your face. Gently massage on the wet face and neck avoiding the eye area. Rinse off with water.

    INGREDIENTS - Ghritkumari, Tulsi Ext, Turmeric Ext, Reetha

    BENEFITS - It purifies the skin and evacuates excessive oils. Helps in removing whiteheads and opening up the clogged pores. It wipes out impurities and toxins caused by exposure to pollution.

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