Aloe Panch Gavya Bathing Bar Ayurvedic Skin Toner (75g)



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Helps in preventing wrinkles, pimples and several other skin infections.
Provides a glowing and ailment-free skin.
Makes your skin soft, smooth and supple.
Keeps body odour in check.
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    ALOE VERA - It is a natural moisturiser, which nourishes the body and helps to prevent skin ailments. It is also very useful in reducing the signs of ageing and treating sunburn.
    PANCHGAVYA - This traditional mixture of five different cow products purifies skin and nourishes it.
    GLYCERINE - Helps in treating skin conditions like dry skin and fine lines. It also makes your skin soft and supple.
    SUNFLOWER OIL - Rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants, it is effective in fighting skin disorders like acne, inflammation, redness and rashes.

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