Aloe Calamine Lotion (100ml)



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INGREDIENTS - Rasaka, Ghritkumari, Nutgrass Oil, Grapeseed Oil

BENEFITS - IMC Aloe Calamine Lotion is a boon for the skin. It helps relieve itching. It also helps relieve skin irritation, sunburn, rashes, etc. It helps treat acne, oily skin, and several dermatological problems.

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    HOW TO USE - Shake it well before use. Take adequate quantity of IMC Aloe Calamine Lotion and massage gently on affected skin area or as directed by a physician.

    Are you discomfort with skin itchiness? Do you want to dry out oozing skin irritations? Don't worry! There is relief from several skin problems. IMC has brought in Aloe Calamine Lotion. It's enriched with Aloe vera. It is an effective measure to help with skin itchiness, irritation, sunburn, rashes, etc. KEEP YOUR SKIN PERFECT WITH IMC ALOE CALAMINE LOTION.

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