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Ensures healthy skin through pamper and nourishment
Helps prevent skin ailments and reduce the signs of ageing
Helps to guard minor rashes, discolouration and dryness
Keeps the skin tone even and glowing at all times
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    AloeVeda - The forever goodness of Aloe Vera blended with science of Ayurveda for an au-naturale robust wellness.
    Halide - To protect the cells of the skin from radical damage. Owing to its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components, it helps bring out the inner health of the skin.
    Manjistha - To make the complexion of the skin even and spotless. It also helps in healing of skin from deep within and maintaining its wellness
    IMC’s Massage Oil is specially developed to give you a healthy skin by pampering and nourishing it from deep within. It also aids in preventing certain skin issues and reducing the signs of ageing. Enriched with the benefits of Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil, Wheat germ Oil and Apricot Oil, this wonder oil also helps to guard against minor rashes, discolouration and dryness, keeping your skin even and radiant at all times. Now, say hello to a beautiful ever-glowing skin with IMC’s Massage Oil.

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