Keshwin Hair Oil (100ml)



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For overall development of hair.

When your hair looks great, half the job’s done.

Deeply nourishes your hair, leaving it lush and healthy.

It has a relaxing effect on your mind and body.

  • Additional Information

    ALOE VERA - Acts as a natural conditioner that leaves your hair smooth and shiny.

    BRAHMI - Brahmi is a scalp specialist that promotes hair growth and keeps dandruff at bay.

    PRIYANGU - Literally means lovable and charming, and has the same effect on your hair.

    TULSI - Improves blood circulation and keeps your scalp cool.

    Effective memory booster that relieves headache, stress and tiredness. Gives a soothing effect and promotes sound sleep. It is a boon for people suffering from baldness, dandruff, hair fall and greying of hair.

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