Keshwin Anti Dandruff Shampoo (200 Ml)



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Helps remove dandruff and keeps your scalp nourished at all times.
Stimulates hair growth and reduces hair fall.
Strengthens the roots from the core.
Adds shine and softness to the hair.
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    Shikakai - It adds shine and softness to the hair.
    Henna - It is anti-fungal and acts as a natural remedy to protect dandruff from the scalp
    Aloe Vera - The forever goodness of Aloe Vera blended with the science of Ayurveda for a natural robust wellness.
    With the pollution levels on an alarming rise, it’s only wise to not pile-on your scalp and hair with more chemicals. Turn towards nature with Keshwin Anti Dand Ruff Shampoo, which is an all-herbal gentle cleanser for the health of your hair. Enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera, Henna, Shikakai and various other natural ingredients, this herbal shampoo protects & nourishes your hair, making them look lustrous. It has been specifically formulated to make your hair strong, shiny and beautiful. Suitable for all types of hair, it is extremely helpful in removing and preventing dandruff. Grab your bottle of Keshwin Anti Dand Ruff Shampoo and enjoy the results with locks that invariably glisten.

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