Shri Tulsi Herbal Agarbatti (30 Pcs)



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Its fragrance purifies the atmosphere. The holy smoke prevents unwanted bad energy and bad spirit from entering the home.

Its fragrance improves the mood while spreading mental peace and happiness

It removes all the negative vibrations from our surroundings

The fumes also drive away mosquitoes, flies and other insects

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    Step 1 - Light up the Agarbatti in the early morning

    Step 2 - Keep it at an elevated place

    Step 3 - Let its essence spread around

    Step 4 - Repeat the process in the evening

    Scented Agarbattis have the magical power to fill the spaces with a sense of meditation, freshness and refreshing fragrance. It is also believed that the smoke that rises from the burning Agarbatti carries the prayers of devotees up to the Gods in heaven. The Agarbattis are also said to improve concentration and destroy viruses and Vastudosha. It wipes out bad odor and creates an atmosphere of positivity. The odor enhances the mood and reduces sadness and depression. The herbs used in Shri Tulsi Herbal Agarbatti are 100% natural and organic with scents picked directly from nature to heal your soul.

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