Eco Brite Detergent Powder (1kg)



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Helps remove strong stains like that of grease, oil, etc
Safe for all kinds of washable clothes
Keeps the colour, softness, and size intact after wash
Leaves a wonderful aroma on the clothes and is formulated for both hand and machine wash
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    Step 1 - Put the required amount of Eco Brite in hot or cold water

    Step 2 - Soak the laundry in the mixture

    Step 3 - Wash gently and rinse in water

    Step 4 - Squeeze or spin dry the clothes

    ALOE VERA - It has excellent skin care properties, owing to which it keeps the hands soft and supple.

    NEEM - Helps cloth retain its colour and softness.

    LEMON - It leaves pleasurable fragrance on the clothes and is also, helpful in removing hard stains.

    Fortified with Aloe Vera, Neem and Lemon, Eco Brite is an exquisitely developed washing powder, which can remove the hardest of stains in one wash, along with keeping the colour and softness of the clothes intact. An excellent product for washing clothes, it is gentle not only on your clothes but also your skin. The refreshing aroma of the detergent leaves your clothes with a pleasing scent. For brightness longevity of your favourite whites, Eco Brite is just the all-natural right choice.

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