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Relieves bloating and belching.
Soothes abdominal cramps and inflammation
Helps in treating constipation, irregularity and indigestion.
Aids in digestion and regulating bowel movements
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    It relieves acidity and gastric disorders by improving digestion and body weakness. It helps to regulate bowel movements and keeps one active all day long.

    TRIPHALA - Helps regulate bowel movement and helps in cleansing the digestive tract.
    ADRAK - Relieves indigestion and bloating a gentle laxative and detoxifier.
    ISABGOL - A great fiber supplement that stimulates digestion and aids in smooth bowel movements.
    KAALIMIRCH - Kali Mirch or black pepper improves the secretion of hydroelectric acid and promotes digestion.

    Help to resolve Male Sexual (Sex) Problems

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