Flax Seeds (100g)



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High on fiber and low on carbohydrates
It promotes weight loss and has high quantities of anti-oxidants
Controls constipation and regulates the functioning of the intestine.
Promotes digestive health and is anti-inflammatory in nature.

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    It is beneficial for heart, keeps eyes, hair and skin healthy, improves digestive system & stomach disorders. It prevents hot flushes and excessive sweating during menopause and reduces inflammation caused due to diseases.

    MAGNESIUM - Flax Seeds have a whopping 85 % magnesium that takes care of your heart and bone health
    VITAMIN B6: Be it your cardiovascular health, Cognitive function or pre-menstrual syndrome, this water-soluble Vitamin, takes care of all
    IRON - Increased energy, better athletic performance, and healthy pregnancy are promoted by Iron
    POTASSIUM - It is an electrolyte that counteracts the effects of sodium, helping you maintainconsistent blood pressure.

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