Fever Guard Tab (30 Tablets)



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It curbs fever while taking care of its root-cause
It attacks fever that is a result of cough, cold and bronchitis
It strengthens your immunity, which goes a long way in fighting infections
It also helps in reducing all kinds of fever including viral fever, dengue, and malaria, and brings back the lost strength in the body.
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    Helpful in increasing platelet count and increases immunity in case of chronic fever. It helps to build a strong immune system,recover from physical weakness, reduces nausea and is a perfect counteract to the symptoms of dengue, viral & chikungunya

    ALOE VERA - It accelerates the healing of mouth sores during fever and reduces pain associated with it.
    DESI TULSI - Considered a superlative medicine in Ayurveda, Tulsi is very effective in bringing down the fever quickly.
    GILOY - Giloy being anti-pyretic in nature helps gets rid of recurrent fever and brings back the lost strength in the body, and helps in increasing platelet count.
    HALDI EXTRACT - Haldi increases mucus production, which naturally flushes out microbes that clog the respiratory tract

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