Detox Foot Patch (Set of 10 Pcs)



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Cleanses the body internally and helps fight various ailments
Removes toxic metals from the body
Regulates blood circulation and metabolism
Enhances mental focus and concentration

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    WOOD VINEGAR DISTILLATE - A natural remedy for discomfort, it helps to naturally detoxify the body and combat several ailments.
    BAMBOO VINEGAR DISTILLATE - It has various health benefits which include, eliminating foot odour, softening the skin, improving blood circulation, reducing hypertension and removing heavy metal from the body.
    TOURMALINE - A powerful ally in times of detoxification, it helps relieve stress, increase alertness, stimulate circulation and boost the immune system.
    CORNSTARCH - This ingredient is a great remedy for athlete’s foot and keeps the body active.

    It accelerates metabolism, removes toxins and improves quality of sleep. While sleeping, it should be applied on feet for relaxation.

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