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Helps relieve pain and stiffness from the body
Helps relieve muscular pain, joint pain and backache
Helps relieve clogged nose and congestion during fever and cold
Improves physical functioning
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    It helps to reduce body stiffness, headache & cold. It gives instant relief from congestion, neck pain and blocked nose during fever or cold.

    CAMPHOR - It is used topically to relive pain and reduce itching. This excellent ingredient is also useful to treat fungal infections of the cold sores, haemorrhoids and osteoarthritis.

    MENTHOL - It acts as a counter-irritant when applied directly on the skin, essentially blocking the pain signals from reaching the brain.
    BEESWAX - It helps relieve pain and inflammation and has mild anti-swelling effects.
    GANDHAPURA OIL - It is very useful for local inflammatory swelling and stiffness of the joints. This miracle oil also helps to ease aches and pains.

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