Aloe Sanjivani Juice (500ml)



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Revitalises every cell of the body and helps you recover from physical and mental weakness.
Helps you get a strong immune system.
Beneficial in making your teeth and bones stronger.
Improves hair and skin texture.
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    Nourishes the tissues and regulates metabolism. It is an antioxidant that flushes out toxins from the system and helps in building a strong immune system. It also keeps the liver healthy.

    ALOE VERA - It has the ability to provide joint support by helping with inflammation and swelling, as it helps modulate the body’s immune system.
    AMLA - A great source of Vitamin C, it helps you to get a strong immune system.
    BRAHMI - An excellent herb, which fights stress and improves memory. It is also helpful in treating Alzheimer’s disease and stress
    GILOY - A powerhouse of antioxidants, which helps in keeping you away from diseases. It also fights freeradicals and keeps your cells healthy.

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