Aloe Liv Kare Syrup (Sugar Free) (200ml)



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Hepatoprotective - acts as a shield against toxins and fights against loss of appetite and dyspepsia
Detoxifies and eliminates toxins
Improves the livers health and supports proper functioning
Protects the liver from infections and disorders
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    Improves liver dysfunction, reduces harmful effects of alcohol on liver and helps to flush out toxins. It is highly effective in case of jaundice, hepatitis, spleen and liver infections.

    ALOE VERA - Highly alkaline and thus, helps restore the balance for a healthy liver
    NEEM - Fights naturally with anti-digestive effects and helps restore immunity.
    TULSI - Protects the liver from toxin-induced damages and also enhances immunity
    KUTAKI - Supports proper functioning of the liver

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