Tomato Ketchup (600g)



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Not merely a lip smacking flavour enhancer, IMC Tomato Ketchup has nutritional qualities.
IMC Tomato Ketchup is a low calorie health friendly product.
IMC Tomato Ketchup is a distinctive tangy twist to any food item.
Every dish turns tastier with a dash of IMC Tomato Ketchup added to it.

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    ALOE VERA - Aloe Vera contains antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

    HIMALAYAN BERRY - Himalayan Berry is full of anti-aging, anti-disease, and anti-oxidant.
    BRAHAMI EXTRACT - It contains powerful antioxidants and may reduce inflammation.
    ASHWAGANDHA EXTRACT - An ancient medicinal herb, it can reduce blood sugar levels and can also help your body manage stress.
    Step 1 - Simply open the bottle.
    Step 2 - With its smooth texture, the IMC Tomato Ketchup is easily to spread along with food.
    Step 3 - Just dunk and delight in taking food.

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