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Kashmiri Mirch makes the food delicious and gives it a fresh look and feel.
Helps in reduction of obesity and checks diabetes
Gives aroma to food and makes it colorful and delicious
Effective in digestion and very good appetizer and stimulant
Loaded with health and skin benefiting vitamins and antioxidants
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    RED CHILI - Improves metabolism and blood circulation. It may also help promote weight loss and relieve pain, if consumed regularly.

    Step 1 - Add Kashmiri Mirch powder in preheated oil, add onions/vegetables and stir it well

    Step 2 - Keep it on low flame for 3-4 minutes.

    Step 3 - Enjoy your cooked onions / vegetable with IMC’s Kashmiri Mirch

    This chilly grows in the hilly region of South India and is naturally red in color. It makes the food delicious and gives it a fresh look and feel. It’s made in 100% natural processes without any pesticides, chemicals, artificial food colors or essence. IMC’s Kashmiri Mirch not only enhances the health of your body but also improves the appearance of your skin. The rich array of health benefiting vitamins and antioxidants make it beneficial for your skin in the following ways: lightens complexion, anti-ageing, keeps skin issues at bay and gives a glowing skin everytime

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