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Mix of best flavor enhancing herbs, which add taste to your food.
Adds nutritional value to food and make it tastier and flavourful
Serves as tridosha destructor
Helpful for vomiting, gastric, digestive issues and bloating
Strengthens heart, controls blood pressure, sharpens brain and boosts memory

Good for stomach, hair and skin

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    CLOVE - Protects against cancer, reduces blood pressure and improves bone health

    DALCHINI -Protects skin from irritation, allergy, infections and stimulates hair growth
    JEERA - Good for stomach, hair and skin
    GINGER - Has great medicinal values to cure nausea, cold, vomiting and pain
    Step 1 - Sprinkle on curd, raita, lassi, lime water or juice
    Step 2 - Enjoy nutritional, digestive and tastier food.
    Step 3 - Chat Masala can be sprinkled on fried or raw cheese, salad, fruit chat, potato chat, barbecue chicken, fish fried, boiled eggs, or bread toast.
    Step 4 - Add chat masala on cooked dishes for enhanced taste

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