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An easy to cook, and all-inclusive formula to tasty and healthy chanas.
Easy to cook and use
All inclusive and needs no oil, ghee, tomato, ginger, spices
Gives aroma to food and makes it colorful and delicious
Caters to nutritional deficiency, keeps body healthy and active
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    DHANIA - Aids and digestion, antibacterial and cures cold and flu

    LAL MIRCH - Improves metabolism, blood circulation and is a pain reliever

    KALI MIRCH - Improves digestive health, immunity and promotes weight loss

    GINGER - Has great medicinal value to cure nausea, cold, vomiting, pain

    Step 1 - Soak 1 kg chickpeas (white chana), 200gm lentils (dal) with 10gm baking soda in double the quantity of water overnight, and boil them in the morning

    Step 2 - Add IMC Chana Masala (1 packet) to theboiled chanas

    Step 3 - Cook as per requirement and if the water is more, then cook on a low flame.

    Step 4 - Serve chatpata, healthy and digestive chanaswith Nan or Roti or server it with Rice

    Chana Masala is a traditional Indian Seasoning used for chickpeas (chana) dishes. It is made in 100% natural processes without any pesticides, chemicals, artificial food colors or essence. Some of the spices that combine to form this masala include chilies, cinnamon, coriander, fenugreek, fennel, ginger etc. That's not all; chanas were never made so easy before IMC introduced this unique spice mix in the market. All you have to do is, boil the chanas and add IMC’s Chana Masala to it, and the chanas are ready instantly. It needs no additional ghee, oil, salt, tomato, onion or ginger. Surprised? Order your pack and try it yourself today.

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