Badam-E-Kheer (140g)



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Delicious in taste
several health benefits
Easy to cook
No added synthetic colours or preservatives

A delicious ready-to-eat rice pudding, Badam E Kheer, is a gourmet delight from the house of IMC

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    ALOEVERA - It contains various essential nutrients for the body and hence, has various health benefits.

    RICE - It has high nutritional value and is a great source of energy.

    ALMOND - A rich source of fats, fibre, protein, magnesium and Vitamin E, it helps maintain physical health.

    ELAICHI - It is a taste enhancer and is extremely helpful in improving digestion.

    Step 1 - Open the packet of Badam E Kheer and mix in 1kg of boiling milk 

    Step 2 - Keep the mixture on low flame for around 20 minutes

    Step 3 - Cool it and keep it in a refrigerator

    Step 4 - Once cold, take the dish out and enjoy the healthy and delicious Badam E Kheer

    It is an instant dessert mix that can be prepared within minutes which traditionally takes hours of preparation. No need to put rice, sugar or cashew nuts. It is easy to prepare, delicious to taste and nutritious. 

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