Aloe Protein Diet: Diet Bhujia (60g)



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Aloe Protein Diet Bhujia is hygienically packed.

Aloe Protein Diet Bhujia offered by IMC helps prevent untimely hunger pangs that often become a cause of overeating later.

The mixture of health friendly ingredients do not only speak of energetic nutrients and protein but they also contain low calories as well.

Aloe Protein Diet Bhujia is scrumptious herbal healthy snack.

Aloe Protein Diet Bhujia is not a normal kind of bhujia. Being a perfect herbal healthy bhujia, it quite different to enjoy your snack time to the fullest

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    SHANKHPUSHPI EXTRACT - It boosts memory and reduces the risk of cardiac arrest. It also works as antibacterial and antioxidant.

    CUMIN SEEDS - Cumin Seeds may promote digestion and fat reduction. May also improve blood cholesterol.

    GRAM PULSE FLOUR - Gram Pulse Flour is nutritious due to its high protein content. It has lower calories as compared to Wheat Flour.

    FLAKED RICE - Flaked Rice is an excellent source of carbohydrates and also gets digested quickly.

    Step 1 - Open the pack and overturn it in a bowl and eat a spoonful of it. 

    Step 2 - You will not be able to resist yourself to upturn the bowl into your mouth.

    Step 3 - You can also sprinkle it over salad or can put it on top of a buttered toast.

    Aloe Protein Diet Bhujia which possesses differential qualities. Containing flaked rice, gram pulse flour, starch, cumin seeds etc, it is a perfect blend of tasty and healthy attributes

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