Aloe Protein Diet: Cheese Balls (60g)



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Cheese Balls are not only high pleasant to taste but also a nutritious snack.

Full of freshness, Cheese Balls are a stunning party snack.

This herbal delight brings taste of cheese in every bite.

Chowing down on Cheese Balls are on healthier side of snacking.

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    CHEESE POWDER - Cheese Power is the best dietary source for calcium and an excellent source of protein.

    RICE GRITS - Most impressive about Rice Grits is that they are rich in iron and B vitamins.

    CORN GRITS - Corn Grits are high in iron which is essential for red blood production.

    WHOLE CORN - Whole corns are a rich source of many vitamins and minerals.

    Step 1 - Just open the pack

    Step 2 - take out the Cheese Balls and romp in amusement.

    Step 3 - Enjoy

    Get rid of hassles of preparing delicious items at the time of amusement. IMC has introduced ' yummie' Cheese Balls having irresistible taste. Simply an awesome merriment, Aloe Protein Diet Cheese Balls are pleasing snacks for every occasion or any place

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